Vamp Plays on Youtube

Hi, guess what…I made a new series on youtube…

Yes, as it has been suggested many times to me I decided to cut back on the whole making of all these different channels. I still have my Warframe channel for Warframe related stuff, and what I would like to call my main channel for everything else.

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vamp’s new post

Ok, it has been a bit since I have made any kind of post; which I should be better about.

Currently, I have been very stressed out about stuff and I am not sure what to do, so I have been making videos.

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Mad man with a Patreon…

Yep, for better or worse I have a Patreon now…

I do not expect to get any donations from it to be honest; I just know my limits and know that there is no shame in getting some help to support my videos and stuff I do, but at the same time and just happy to do stuff that I am doing and expect nothing to come of this patreon as it were; which I am ok with 🙂

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